Stress, Hormonal Imbalance & Infertility Fear in the Black Woman


Although this webcast has ended the Manual is now available for purchase

Why is there an epidemic of chronic issues in the black woman?

Black women are 68% of the stats in issues and diagnosis that involve stress, hormonal imbalance and infertility challenges.

The reality is that many women are suffering silently & feeling stuck

This webcast explains the premise of these issues and offers insight on how to optimize your health and get the body in high function to:

reduce stress

balance hormones

reverse chronic symptoms

better manage your life

learn healing methods

increase fertility possibility (for those who are desiring to do so)




July 25, 2018 NOW Available for purchase

Webcast includes:

Exclusive information of the highlighted title

A Survival Guide designed by LaShanna

Information with resources for each issue (stress, hormonal imbalance and infertility)


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