Welcome SHE Warriors!

I’m LaShanna Leonard, and welcome to my community of women reclaiming their womanhood known as, SHE Warriors.

We are a powerful group of women who are taking charge of our lives by being educated on the needs of our bodies. More specifically a SHE Warrior is:


  • Fearless
  • A self-healer
  • A life-giver
  • Educated on her body’s needs

Factors that are necessary for a whole body:

  • A Healthy Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress Management
  • Building the Immune System
  • Flushing & Eliminating Toxins

Warriors of Womanhood “Reclaiming Our Bodies!”

Your recharge station for the battlefield of womanhood. Here you will join in with other SHE Warriors, share your stories, support one another and heal yourselves from the inside out.


Holistic vs. Conventional Treatment

Conventional medicine has its place in some cases for many people.  For those of us who believe in the power and ability of holistic medicine, we know the following…

Palliative Curative
Separates the body into parts and organs Focuses on healing the whole body
Addresses the symptoms Focuses on the root cause

Some Popular Options For SHE Warriors

SHE Warriors, I’m excited to share with you and keep you updated on information that will make your journey more effective, peaceful and powerful.

Say it loud with me, DON’T DISTURB MY HORMONES!

Choose from one of the options below to get started on your own journey to healing.

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