The Well Life Podcast is dedicated to elevating life in every phase; health, wellness, relationship and overall well-being. From education to inspiration I am helping you break through to the you God created you to be. Allow me to encourage you to think well and be well! 

You’re here because you’re in search of truth, help, healing, insight and/or a support system. I’ve got all of that for you and more. These episodes are filled with tools that will help you to live your most optimized life. You’ve come to the right place.

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Episode 11- The Wellness Confessionals: FINANCES

Episode 10- The Wellness Confessionals: MY SOCIAL CLIMATE

Episode 9- The Wellness Confessionals: FAMILY

Episode 8- The Wellness Confessionals: SELF

Episode 7- 3 Tips to Get Your 2019 All the Way Together

Episode 6- Preparing to Launch, our love story.

Episode 5- Let’s Talk PCOS.

Episode 4- A Look into Therapy. Discussing Relational & Sexual Therapy.

Episode 3- Know Your Money in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and Beyond

Episode 2- Breathing Techniques to Relax

Episode 1- Know Your 5 Cycles of Wellness



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